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Video Covert Surveillance

Video Surveillance Services contracted to Law Enforcement & Private Investigator only!

Video Surveillance is a technique that is mastered by few. When it comes to investigations a "picture says a thousand words". But when it comes to video surveillance "it tells the whole story".
Providing clients with video documentation gives a clear and concise level of activity and/or associations to whom and where the subject is associated. Providing a detailed report with time line events provides even further information that the series of events took place during the surveillance of the subject.
There are several types of video surveillance used by private investigators during the course of investigative work. Video footage obtained by the investigator provides the client with a factual basis that substantiates the investigative report. Some of the types of surveillance equipment & services we supply include but not limited to the following:
·        Physical
·        Mobile Surveillance
·        Covert Installed Surveillance
·        Remote Video Surveillance
·        GPS Surveillance Tracking

At Lewis Surveillance I just don't sell and install video surveillance equipment to the end-user,I also offer a video technical support service like no others to licensed private investigators and law enforcement agencies only.

I understand that sometime you don't have the surveillance personnel to just sit & watch or are unable to buy and have all that expensive sophisticated surveillance equipment lying around and just gathering dust when it is not in use. I have an assortment of many pieces of surveillance equipment as well as a wireless network to support it.

I offer one of our experience covert video surveillance technicians to install a system or under your guidance do the surveillance for you. We contract with the most trained and experienced off duty Police Officers, retired Police officers and individuals that are tops in this field. This will ensures that you will get the quality work product that is needed for your case.

I make every attempt to stay up to stay up to date on cutting edge video surveillance techniques' as it becomes available to us . If I do not have a piece a particular piece of equipment or unable to locate it for that specific surveillance job, I may then contact our many surveillance equipment suppliers and try to have it fabricated for you.

 San Francisco Police Department (Ret.) 01-12-87 to 09-23-16.
Here are samples of my training credentials and membership with N.A.T.I.A. up until my retirement from S.F.P.D. in 2016
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